World of Warcraft: Legion – My Nighthold Expectations

World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1.5 launched this week and while I’m still getting used to the very positive changes to Balance druids—which in my case means more DPS and lots more fun—as an avid raider, my sight’s locked on the opening of the new raid next week, The Nighthold.

In the Nighthold we’ll bring the Suramar storyline to a close, take down the Nightborne leadership and bring the fight to the Fel Orc Warlock Gul’Dan, all while fighting his forces and the many abominations created by the wild energies of the Nightwell’s core, the last Pillar of Creation in our path, The Eye of Aman’thul.

It also means I don’t ever have to go back to Trial of Valor, because I hate that raid. I mean, I like the lore behind it, even if it makes me uncomfortable to help Odyn, who’s proven to be a monumental bastard—to not use a more fitting if extremely crude expression. I do hope Blizzard gives us the chance of truly beating Burnbeard the Viking to a pulp.

My issue with Trial of Valor is on the design of the encounters, particularly how much the fights drag on.

But the Nighthold is coming, and with it a slew of new bosses, new lore, more loot and hopefully some intriguing mechanics. So let’s go over what I hope to see in this new World of Warcraft raid and related content. Continue reading World of Warcraft: Legion – My Nighthold Expectations

World of Warcraft: Legion – Lore Wishlist!

Note: Spoilers ahead. You have been warned

Last night I jumped into the first few moments of World of Warcraft Legion, running and hacking through the Demon Hunter starting quests, first on the Demon planet during the events of the Raid into the Black Temple, which ended with my Illidari imprisoned and sent to the Vault of the Wardens, and then in that location, freed by Maiev herself and fighting the Burning Legion.

After I had done that and left Lawgrimm, my Night Elf Demon Hunter, in Stormwind city, it was time to jump back into my main character, my Druid, Kadrell. I went over the pre-expansion quests and scenario, revealing the fate of some important characters in Warcraft lore. Continue reading World of Warcraft: Legion – Lore Wishlist!

Review: Warcraft: The Beginning

A father and chieftain doing the best for his people, a General and King doing their best to keep their kingdom safe, a Guardian with great secrets and an evil Warlock bent on conquering Azeroth, what do all these things mean? Warcraft!
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