Review: Flipping Death

First time I heard and played a Zoink! game was during my first visit to Rezzed and the game was Zombie Vikings, a title I would go to pay, love and review. This year, continuing with Zoink!’s strange fascination with death, we have Flipping Death, a puzzle platformer all about being dead and influencing the living. Continue reading Review: Flipping Death

Preview – Felix the Reaper

Being DEATH must be an interesting line of business. Making sure people meet their maker, or you, at their appointed time to keep the cosmic wheels turning properly. We’re used to seeing DEATH as this grim figure, as serious in his demeanour as his task entails, though if Terry Pratchett is to be taken as a guide, DEATH will have a biting wit and a knack for sarcasm.

But what if DEATH enjoyed his job, put a little soul into it and danced his way to your grave? That’s exactly what the in-development Felix the Reaper has for us, a boogieing, pumping Grim Reaper, enjoying some sweet tunes while he arranges the cosmic forces to make sure someone bites the dust! Continue reading Preview – Felix the Reaper