The Geek Glossary – Pro-Wrestling

Professional Wrestling has been a staple of our television sets for a long time, love it or hate it. Old fans of professional wrestling will fondly remember when Hulk Hogan back in Wrestlemania 3, lifted André the Giant! It was a feat of strength that no one thought they would see. He lifted him clean off of his feet and then slammed him into the mat. Hulk then followed this up with the Big Legdrop for the one, two, three. Hulk Hogan defended his title successfully that day…

In the modern era of professional wrestling, a lot of the ins and outs of the industry have been heavily exposed. At the time of writing this, we’re moving quickly towards WWE Battleground on July 19th, the PPV (See below) before Summerslam 2015. I’m excited for it, but in preparation for Summerslam, there are terms you need to know as someone interested in wrestling. Even if you’ve never watched a show before, knowing the terms of the industry is a smart move. A lot of them have even moved to other sports. I won’t go any further on that one, but here’s The Geek Glossary: Professional Wrestling .

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