Review – Fox ‘n Forests

I love a good action platfomers, the tougher the better. There’s nothing like playing some old NES era title that does nothing but punish you and throw impossible odds at you. It makes finishing them a wonderful experience, as you stand over the game triumphantly, your glam-rock mane and cape flowing in the wind…Ok, that image is perhaps too much. Glam rock hair in the wind is enough, the cape is unnecessary.

But I digress. As I said, I love a good action platformer game and among them there’s a series I consider the epitome of the genre, developed by Capcom. Everyone knows it, most have played the games in the series and all who have know how frustratingly fun they can be: Ghosts & Goblins. So how does the newcomer and indie successor, Fox ‘n Forests stack up? Read on to find out! Continue reading Review – Fox ‘n Forests

EGX Highlights – Merge Games

I was looking forward to meeting the guys from Merge Games. I’ll admit that it was for a single title: Riot: Civil Unrest. Not many of you know this but I’m originally from Venezuela, a country that in the past few years has had its fair share of protests, marches and full on riots. It became very common to see it on TV.

So when I saw this game about Riots, about altercations with the police, Molotov cocktails, thrown bottles and angry shouts, it tugged at some part of me. So I had to see it.

It was a great surprise then, when other titles in their lineup attracted me as well. Continue reading EGX Highlights – Merge Games