Shield of Tomorrow – Beginning my Star Trek Education

Trekucation? Nah. Treducation? Nope. Trekkie Initiation? Nell no. Oh well, I’ll figure out a clever name at some point!

I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, for a variety of reasons, from finding Roddenberry’s vision of the future unappealing, partly because it seems disturbingly militaristic, and the other part because it’s often portrayed as so idyllic (no crime, no poverty, no ignorance, everyone is good and happy and want for nothing) that it’s bland. It’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed some Star Trek media. I really liked Deep Space 9, what I saw of it, because I liked how much the stories were personal, about the characters and how flawed and human they were, compared to those of other series in the same universe–and of course, the Rules of Acquisition. I’ve also enjoyed the recent Star Trek Discovery and even the oft maligned Enterprise, mostly because Doctor Phlox was pure joy to watch.  Continue reading Shield of Tomorrow – Beginning my Star Trek Education

Stuff I like

Aside from Gaming and Writing and complaining about my crappy weeks, I have other things I enjoy, and I wanted to show my support to them by talking to you all about them.

Miracle of Sound: One of my obsessions lately. Miracle of Sound is one of the many and varied and highly entertaining stuff the Escapist Magazine has to offer.

Gavin Dunne aka Miracle of Sound composes and performs (mostly) videogame inspired songs, with cool videos using gameplay, promotional or in-game cinematic footage from the source material.
Gav’s music is fantastic, from a multitude of games and movies to original songs (by which I mean not inspired by anything but his own spark of insanity), and in pretty much every genre and style you can imagine, from the strangely alluring “Khajiit Like to Sneak” from Skyrim (the first song I heard actually) to the classic rock “My Iron Skin” inspired by Iron Man 3. Gavin isn’t afraid to mix things up and take risks, such as mixing native chants in with his Assassin’s Creed 3 songs, or collaborating with other singers on his Bioshock Infinite song, to switching musical styles and tones on the fly on the same piece, the aforementioned Bioshock Infinite song being a perfect example. Continue reading Stuff I like