Review: Anima: Gate of Memories

A tower holding ancient horrors, an organisation committed to protecting the world from it, and its most powerful weapon, a nameless young woman bound to the spirit of an ancient evil. This is the world of Anima: Gate of Memories.

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First Look: Anima: Gate of Memories

A few years ago, an acquaintance introduced me to the world of Anima, an RPG so out there, so farfetched in its mechanics and world that “anime-like” doesn’t even come close to describe it. We never got to play it though, as there wasn’t interest in the rest of our merry band of geeks for Anima, but I went through all the books anyway, trying to make sense of them…I didn’t. The rules were a mess so even if I liked the game and wanted to play it I knew it would’ve been a nightmare to do so.

I forgot all about Anima and moved on, so imagine my surprise when I saw Anima: Gate of Memories pop up on Steam. I immediately looked at the store page and the user reviews were favourable, something not entirely common considering the festering pit of malice that are the Steam reviews these days—though still not as bad as your average YouTube comment, we can be happy about that. Continue reading First Look: Anima: Gate of Memories