Preview: We Happy Few

I remember the announcement for We Happy Few and the first few images posted online. I thought it was creepy and exciting. I’m a big fan of dystopian settings, even more so when the people in them think of society as being utopic overall. The juxtaposition between how clearly horrible the world is and how people perceive it is fascinating for me, particularly when done right.

This weekend I got my hands on the Early Access version of We Happy Few—no, I didn’t buy it, the developers sent me the code—and I got to play for a little while, exploring this alpha version dystopian world. Continue reading Preview: We Happy Few

Review: Shardlight

Years ago, the bombs came and destroyed the world. Disease and hopelessness grip the people, while the Aristocracy rules from their gilded homes. People don’t use lightbulbs anymore, but uranium shards, leaving the world in a strange green Shardlight glow.
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Review: Ready Player One

The father of the OASIS died and left a giant hunt for treasure, his legacy, hidden deep within the sprawling virtual playground he created. You think you have what it takes to be an egg hunter, a Gunter? If so, get Ready Player One!

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