Godly Affairs – Part I – Scion Pimer

Scion is a pen & paper Role-playing Game I’ve mentioned a few times in the past. I truly love it, as it mixes Urban Fantasy, my genre of choice, and mythologies, which I’m sure by now you’re sick of hearing me go on about.

Onyx Path Publishing is currently developing a second edition to this fantastic White Wolf game, and I am excited to see what they come up with—and how they balance the game. In my review of the system and when I spoke of it some days ago, I mentioned how unbalanced it was and how much house-ruling storytellers had to do not to make the game easier, but just to make it work. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part I – Scion Pimer

RPG Triumph…and Defeat – Issue 3

Welcome to another exciting issue of RPG Triumph…and Defeat, where we tell the great stories from RPG campaigns, both the amazing and the downright humiliating. These are the stories, our legends, we tell our RPG friends, and even those that don’t play. On this issue you’ll find two very long stories from a Scion campaign I ran until 2012. Scion used to be published by White Wolf, but is now in the hands of Onyx Path Publishing.

As always, the following stories use TVTropes.org‘s notation and are either Crowning Moments of Awesome (CMA) or Dethroning Moments of Suck (DMS).

If you want to share your own stories, send them using our Contact page or mail us directly at thementalattic@gmail.com Continue reading RPG Triumph…and Defeat – Issue 3