Final Fantasy IV – Episode 4 – Exploration is Good!

And we’re back with another weekly episode of Final Fantasy IV.

Last time around, in Episode 3 of Final Fantasy IV, we finally made our way through to Damcyan where we found the castle under attack by Baron’s Red Wings, there to take yet another Crystal for their mad King. Inside the castle we found Anna, Tellah’s daughter, but she passed away soon after. Tellah tries to take out his frustrations on his son in law, the Damcyan Prince and Bard, Edward, but soon his attention shifts to the real menace, the man they call Golbez. With vengeance on his mind and fire in his eyes, Tellah storms out in pursuit of Golbez, leaving our party without its powerful spellcaster.

Later in the episode, Edward joins up and we explore the Antlion nest and upon reaching the heart, we found the Antlion isn’t as docile as Edward claims and the new boss kicks our butt with finesse. Continue reading Final Fantasy IV – Episode 4 – Exploration is Good!

Final Fantasy IV – Episode 2

Last week had a lot going on in the first Final Fantasy IV episode. Departed from Baron, blew up Mist, rescued the little girl summoner, Rydia and even made it to Kaipo, only to discover that Rosa had somehow made it there as well, in record time and with desert fever!

So that’s where we are in this episode, going through the Aqueduct towards Damcyan, to get the Sand Pearl, the only medicine in the world that can save Cecil’s beloved White Mage. Continue reading Final Fantasy IV – Episode 2