Clearing out the Backlog!

Last week I was on vacations, a well-deserved week of me-time after months of nonstop work. I had the chance to get back to some writing projects I’ve left abandoned for a few months. I finished The Song, a science-fiction/noire short story and now finally have it ready to begin editing. I’ve also returned to a 2nd draft of a novel, not much progress there, but the week helped me get back into the mindset of the prose, to know where I left off and what I meant with the old notes I left.

But I also had time to do something gamers rarely do: clear out the gaming backlog. Continue reading Clearing out the Backlog!

Under Control – Best and Worst Gamepads I’ve Used

I’ve been a gamer for decades now and ever since I have memory, I’ve been playing games. From an Atari and an Intellivision back in my childhood to a PS4, Wii U and a PC today, I’ve handled quite a few controllers and keyboard designs. Some of them I found very comfortable, I could play with them for hours and it wouldn’t matter. Others were the opposite and it tired me to hold them for too long. Finally, there’s a small subset of gamepads that I thought would be uncomfortable as all hell but in reality were kinda nice!

Let me tell you about them. Continue reading Under Control – Best and Worst Gamepads I’ve Used

The Nintendo Affair – Unwarranted Hatred?

Nintendo, the Big N, the company gamers love, hate and love to hate. A company that’s been responsible for so many innovations yet people still clamor for them to shut their doors and do something else, follow in the footsteps of other “fallen giants” and leave the market for the superpowers that are Sony & Microsoft. Why do they get so much hate? Why are they the butt of every joke? It seems most gamers, the newer generations especially, have forgotten Nintendo’s role in our history, their mark on the industry. Continue reading The Nintendo Affair – Unwarranted Hatred?