Review: I Am Setsuna

The world is in turmoil. Monsters rampage through fields, hunting people with a ferocity and tenacity never seen before. But there is still hope. As long as the sacrifice reaches the Last Lands, she can avert the end of the world. This is the story of “I Am Setsuna”.

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Awesome Game Mechanics – Free Flow Combat

In the past I’ve spoken of Annoying Game Mechanics, of those that we find in games and after so many uneven implementations we instinctively groan when we see them again. But not all game mechanics are annoying, not all have good and bad moments. Some mechanics are just freaking AWESOME! Continue reading Awesome Game Mechanics – Free Flow Combat

Annoying Game Mechanics – Combos

Annoying Game Mechanics are those that just make you groan when you see them in a game. You’ve seen them at their best but you’ve also seen them at their worst. You can’t love them but you can’t hate them either, but you can definitely be annoyed!

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