Let’s Play Classic Tomb Raider: Chronicles

I know, it’s been a while, but since launching my weekly stream, it’s been difficult to also record these videos. But I’m finally back and now let’s start with Tomb Raider Chronicles, the next to last game Core Design ever made and one of the greatest cash-grab titles to grace the world with its presence. It’s set right after The Last Revelation. Lara’s presumed dead and her friends and family (only 3 of them apparently) gather around the fire with a lot of alcohol and reminisce about some of her earlier adventures.

This is an older game, as such it’s complicated to play it on modern PCs, and often it’ll crash. You’ll see in the first episode, just how many problems I have playing it. Some of it is the lack of autosave which I once again forget about.

Also, this game makes very little sense. Continue reading Let’s Play Classic Tomb Raider: Chronicles

Classic Play – Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

So it’s come to this…time to play the bad ones.

It’s no secret that I hate this game and Chronicles. They are the worst Core Design ever came up with for the Tomb Raider franchise. I hated every second of this game and its inane mechanics, especially the ‘power-up’ thing where Lara needs to perform certain actions to become stronger and be capable of climbing further and such. I remember web comics mocking this years ago, much like I did.

Recently I completed my LegendAnniversaryUnderworld Trilogy Classic Play run, and some people voted that I should play the ones I hate. So to prove that your votes matter, I will suffer through the indignity that is The Angel of Darkness.

For this run I’m trying a new format, just a commentary at the start and end of the video, but leaving the middle of it free of my lovely voice. Let me know in the comments if you prefer it this way or you’d like me to talk all the way through the videos.

As always, before the videos you’ll find a couple of polls. Vote and let me know how you want me to play future TR games and which games to pick for the next Classic Play series. I’ll be updating this post as I record more episodes so keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

Part I – Police Escape!

Part II – Faffing about in Paris!

Part III – Crappy Cat Burglar!

Classic Play – Tomb Raider: Legend

Last week I finished my Anniversary run, not knowing it was Legend’s birthday! So this week I’m making up for lost time and playing my favourite game and the first in the LAU trilogy, Tomb Raider: Legend!

After the disappointment I felt over The Angel of Darkness and Chronicles before it, this game was the best that could’ve happened to me as a Tomb Raider fan. It revitalised my love for the series and not only gave me back the Lara I had always known and whom I loved but it gave me the first chapter in a wonderful story that would continue in the games I’ve already played through as part of this series. And it’s Tomb Raider’s take on Arthurian legends, what more could you ask?

Much like I did with Anniversary, I will update this article over the next few weeks when a new video is ready! For this run you will have my (not-so) lovely commentary, because my voice has returned! If I haven’t mentioned it before, my voice left me behind after playing the really cool voice-activated title In Verbis Virtus, which I will review soonish!

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Part I – Bolivia & Peru

Part II – Japan

Part III – Kazakhstan

Part IV – King Arthur’s Tomb

Part V – Finale

Classic Play – Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Last week I finished the playthrough for TR Underworld so it’s time for Anniversary! All part of my plan to play all the Classic-Lara games in reverse order.

For those unfamiliar with this game, it’s a remake of the first Tomb Raider, but with story elements adjusted to fit those of Tomb Raider Legend, which I’ll be playing next as part of this series!

For the first video I did some commentary, not only about the game but the series in general as well as some random musings. The rest of the segments have no commentary as I’ve been playing the voice activated Action-adventure In Verbis Virtus, and now my throat hurts quite badly.

Be sure to check out the polls below and tell me what you want for the rest of the Tomb Raider Classic Plays and what game series I should tackle next. If it’s not listed n the poll, you can add one!

Part I – Vilcabamba

Part II – Greece

Part III – Egypt – Temple of Khamoon

Part IV – Finale – Natla Mines & Atlantean Pyramid

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Classic Play – Tomb Raider Series

As I wrote the past two articles about the Tomb Raider series and where it’s going, I got the urge of playing the old series once again, to relive the fond memories of playing these awesome games. I’ve already started with Tomb Raider: Underworld, the last in the original Lara series.

While I played the game and wrote this week’s article, I decided not to stop here and instead keep playing all the classic Tomb Raider titles in reverse order. I’ll start with Underworld, then Anniversary, Legend and then move on to Last Revelation—skipping the two crappy games I hate: Chronicles and Angel of Darkness—and finishing it all with Tomb Raider 1, 2 & 3.

This will be a weekly series I call Classic Play, and below you can see the first of these videos. As I decided to do this after I started playing the game, the Underworld series picks up from the Croft Crypt level.

Check out the video below, sit back and enjoy watching me die over and over to random stuff and stupid mistakes! Considering how much I screw up this might as well be a blooper run!

If you like it and would like me to play Chronicles and AoD as well, let me know in the comments or the poll below!