Review: Super Seducer

The world’s premiere seduction “guru,” Richard La Ruina, is here to teach you the trick, to help you avoid making mistakes, so you can become what he is:  a Super Seducer (aka sleazebag).
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Review: The Detail

It’s a dangerous town and the cops struggle to keep a lid on organised crime, and when one of the local mob leaders dies, it throws the underworld into disarray and brings something new to the streets, the city’s new Major Crimes Unit, affectionately called The Detail.

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Preview: Blues and Bullets

I love The Untouchables, it’s one of my favourite films of all time and the Prohibition is an era of American history I’ve always found fascinating. The Mafia, the many branches and families forming syndicates and boozing up the dry nation against the very few cops they couldn’t buy. It’s amazing stuff really. I’ve watched documentaries, films, TV series and now played a games with those characters.

Blues and Bullets is a third person adventure game set twenty years after the fall of Al Capone at the hand of Elliot Ness and his Untouchables. I first saw it at Rezzed 2015 and recently received a press code for both of the currently released episodes. As you know very well, I don’t review episodic titles until the full season releases, but that doesn’t stop me from doing a nice preview and talk about the episodes and tell you what I thought about them…and share a metric ton of images from my playthrough. Continue reading Preview: Blues and Bullets

Let’s Play – Life is Strange

I reviewed Life is Strange last week, giving it the first ever Highlander score. The game completely blew my mind in storytelling, gameplay, characterisation and pretty much everything else, but if you’ve read the review you already know this.

For my review I played the game on my nightly broadcast on Twitch and YouTube and I’ve compiled it all in a nice Let’s Play playlist. For your convenience and enjoyment, I’ve made sure to split the playthrough into 15-20 minute videos. If a video is longer, it’s because it’s near the end of an episode or it’s one particular sequence.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did while playing it and that it brings you to tears like it did me.


Review: Life is Strange

All our lives are full of choices, some turn out right, some wrong but others make our life weirder. But if you can also turn back time, then your Life is Strange.

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