Review: Another Sight

Another Sight is a game I played during Rezzed 2018 where you control Catherine, a young woman falling to the London underground, losing her sight in the process but also awakening a form of synaesthesia, allowing her to see colours and details in the environment based on sound. Trapped in this new environment, she crosses paths with a mysterious feline who becomes her new companion on the journey back to the surface and her family, becoming accidentally embroiled in a secret war in the underground. Continue reading Review: Another Sight

Oldies but Goodies – Red Dwarf

I came to Red Dwarf fairly late in my life. I’d heard about the series but didn’t know much about it. I think b first thing I ever saw of it was Series 10 a couple of years ago but without knowing Red Dwarf’s history or characters, it was all nonsense to me. I didn’t know enough to even get the jokes. Hell, I thought Cat was a vampire.

Then after hearing Gabriel Morton and Yahtzee Croshaw rant about the series in our of their Let’s Drown Out videos, and thanks to the magic of Netflix and some dodgy YouTube channels, I went back to the first series and watched it all. Well, at least the first eight seasons. I still have a few more to see which is amazing. Continue reading Oldies but Goodies – Red Dwarf