Oldies & Goldies – Games on the Let’s Play List

I couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was getting ready to once again record/broadcast game playthroughs, with a chosen focus on older games. At the time I mentioned a couple of titles, and since then I’ve acquired other titles to tackle, both through recordings and live playthroughs on twitch. Let me tell you a bit about them Continue reading Oldies & Goldies – Games on the Let’s Play List

The Lawful Geek – Returning to Video

I apologise for the corny and somewhat dramatic title to this article, but the others were much worse. If you’ve kept up to date with the happenings of my YouTube and Twitch channels, you might have noticed there hasn’t been much, if any, activity over the past few months, with only a gameplay demo for a Kickstarter game. There are reasons for that and plans in motion, so stick around and I’ll let you know the details!

Continue reading The Lawful Geek – Returning to Video

Let’s Cancel – Hollow Knight

I really don’t even have to say it, as there hasn’t been a new episode of my Hollow Knight playthrough for a long long time. Part of it is due to the changes I mentioned in the past weeks, but there were other important reasons.

Firstly, I just didn’t feel like playing the game and the more time passed, the less I wanted to do so.  Continue reading Let’s Cancel – Hollow Knight

Health & Fitness

I mentioned a few days ago that I had some reasons for not streaming on Twitch as often as I used to, or at all. One of the reasons I mentioned was that I didn’t have the paints or the materials needed for some of the Gunpla projects. The other reason is health.

Now, I’m not sick, I’m ok, but I am severely overweight and have been for quite a while now and I’ve decided to finally take measures about it. I’m tired and done with this weight. I’m tired of all the negatives associated with this weight, including how fast I feel fatigued. I’m also tired of looking at clothes I’d like to wear and having a mental image of how it’d look and realising I can’t get it because they don’t have my size. It’s not for vanity, not to look good, but because it makes getting clothes really difficult. Continue reading Health & Fitness

Recording Game – Level Up!

A few days ago I mentioned the little hiccup I had with my videos going to hell and how I wanted to use it as an opportunity to improve my recording setup and process. Here’s an update!

The first things I received last weekend were the Boom Arm and the Shock Mount for my Blue Yeti. The boom arm is great, a Rode PSA-1, very sturdy and quite easy to set up, just put clamp it tight on your desk. The Shock Mount was expensive as hell, over £70 through Amazon UK—even though the product costs only  fraction of that across the pond—and when I received it, it turns out the piece you use to screw the Yeti microphone to the Radius II was defective, too small to ever tighten the microphone to the mount. Continue reading Recording Game – Level Up!

Houston We Have a Problem…and an opportunity!

You may have noticed that there weren’t any Tales of Zestiria episodes live on the YouTube channel yesterday. In fact, my plan for the Tales of Zestiria week derailed spectacularly during the weekend, leaving me with this current situation and forcing me to make the decision I’ve made and will be telling you about now. Continue reading Houston We Have a Problem…and an opportunity!

The Casting Perspective

Last week my dear friend Timlah spoke of the amazing community we found and keep building with blogging and how the act itself helps us come closer to our goals, to build something greater. Recently I’ve found another outlet for my projects, another community to build, one that is sometimes pickier and even hostile compared to the blogosphere.

Of course, I’m talking about broadcasting and livestreams. As you may know, because I’ve mentioned it a few times, I’m now broadcasting Monday to Friday under my LawfulGeek tag, though still very much a part of The Mental Attic.

I had streamed in the past, on and off for about a year or so, but much like the site, I decided to make a bigger push this year, especially with Extra Life on the horizon. I’ve been slowly building up the viewership and follower-base hoping that’ll lead to more donations. But on the way, I’ve discovered how much I enjoy broadcasting and meeting new people in the audience. I’ve had nights where I couldn’t stop laughing when Timlah decided to act as a DJ for my channel and just put on the weirdest songs out there.

But if you’re going to stream, if you’re going to open yourself up to broadcasting, there are things to be aware of, things to consider before you make the leap—or after, if you follow my lead. Continue reading The Casting Perspective