Adaptations – Altering the Source

Yesterday I caught a few glimpses of The Killing Joke’s animated film adaptation, and while I won’t give you a review until I’ve seen it, the clip I saw got me thinking on the subject of adaptations and the ways people go about them.

TV Tropes has a vast list of different adaptation tropes, from Compressed Adaptation, where in the process of adapting the story to a new medium they cut out entire chunks of the story or universe hoping the overall experience remains the same, no matter how many holes there are. There’s Distillation, which is about simplifying complex elements of the source material to make the transitions easier. Pragmatic Adaptation is the most reasonable of all, where you cut out or remix the elements that just won’t work in the new medium. Continue reading Adaptations – Altering the Source

Review: The Branches of Time

What would you do if the people you knew never existed in the first place? That is the question The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi poses you. After reading this novel, my question would be another instead.

Continue reading Review: The Branches of Time

Review: Dying for a Living

Necronites are just like you and me, except they can take someone’s place when they die. The stiff limbs, creaking joints, angry mobs and the conspiracies to end your kind are a pain in the ass, but it’s what you get when you’re Dying for a Living. Continue reading Review: Dying for a Living