Dracula – Season 1 Review


When the Dracula series began, starring Johnathan Rhys Meyers as the eponymous count and Vampire, I gave it a “Worth Watching” score, based on its premise, the acting, the characters and the overall potential I felt the series had. Now that Season 1 has finished its run, and we still don’t know if Season 2 will ever happen, I think it’s time to take another look at this series and see if it reached its potential or squandered an excellent opportunity. Continue reading Dracula – Season 1 Review

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – Series Review

After two successful seasons, albeit of varied quality, and a very strong currently running third one, it was time for ABC’s Once Upon a Time to get the spinoff treatment. The result, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, had a lot of potential with a new heroine, a new story and more than a few worlds to explore, combined with the twists and retellings we’ve come to expect from Once Upon. On the other hand, however, it had to live up to the quality of storytelling of its parent series. Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – Series Review