Brain Game – How video games help me think

Have you ever been working on something and been so stuck you can’t think your way out of the situation? Have you then tried to force yourself to come up with a solution? Has it worked for you or do you find yourself still stuck just more frustrated?

How about when dealing with something personal and internal, some long overdue and difficult introspection, have you ever found yourself growing more and more upset, close to the breaking point and nowhere near that sweet epiphany your hope is at the end?

What do you do in those cases? For me, when I’m in those situations, I turn to gaming. Here’s why. Continue reading Brain Game – How video games help me think

Review: De-Void

You wake up to find everyone in your research team is gone, vanished into thin air. The local AI tells you he can’t find them, but he suggests confronting the anomalies he detects might reveal something important. But what is real and what is a simple construct of your limited mind? This is what you face in De-Void

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