Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

It’s been a few years since Sherlock Holmes finally vanquished his foe, Moriarty and claimed a prize like no other: a daughter. Now, something is about to throw his life into chaos and he’ll have to face the truth of The Devil’s Daughter.

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TMA Approved – The Wardstone Chronicles

As you might have read on my profile in various social media and other platforms, I read, write and game in bulk. But I also listen, watch and enjoy in bulk as well (sometimes I also eat in bulk, but that’s not something to boast about).

So, with how many things I enjoy, I thought it would be good to recommend a few of them. These aren’t proper reviews, mind you. There won’t be a score. It’s just what they are and why I like them. It’s up to you if you wish to follow this recommendation and I would expect that when and if you do enjoy what I recommend, you come back and tell me what you think about it. And if you disagree, then I want to know even more!

To kick things off, let’s start with a novel series: The Wardstone Chronicles, by Joseph Delaney, aka The Last Apprentice aka The Spook’s Apprentice in other countries, a fantasy series with elements not from the traditional fantasy sources but from English folklore, such as boggarts, witches and other common elements of country superstition. Continue reading TMA Approved – The Wardstone Chronicles

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – Series Review

After two successful seasons, albeit of varied quality, and a very strong currently running third one, it was time for ABC’s Once Upon a Time to get the spinoff treatment. The result, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, had a lot of potential with a new heroine, a new story and more than a few worlds to explore, combined with the twists and retellings we’ve come to expect from Once Upon. On the other hand, however, it had to live up to the quality of storytelling of its parent series. Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – Series Review