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Gray Matter Review

The Good Fantastic and strong cast of characters Beautiful story Clever puzzles The Daedalus Club Point of view switch helps connect with the characters. Fantastic use of Oxford locations and […]

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Play-Up: Left 4 Dead with Kevin Kutlesa

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The team have played a number of horror games recently. When we were invited by Kevin of The Mental Attic to play some Left 4 Dead 2 together, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to butcher some zombies with him. As most will already know, Left 4 Dead 2 is an online co-operative zombie-survival game…

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Xenoblade Chronicles Review

The Good Amazing world & mythology. Great cast of characters. Strong voice acting (Japanese). Jaw-dropping locations. The Monado. Strong plot. Solid and addictive gameplay. Hundreds of quests and challenges. Amazing […]