Here you’ll find my works on fiction, be it Journals or Diaries from character from my Star Wars Roleplaying Campaign to the various characters inhabiting the world of Urban Arcana.

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  • Urban Arcana: A world much like our own, but filled with magic, wonder and danger, lots of it, mostly hidden from the general populace. This is where the man they call The Illusionist, the Superhero Wannabe Tiger, the Cursed Hunter Roberto Peralta, the Possessed Detective Lillian Carpenter and the men and women of Unnatural Investigations Inc., have their adventures and deal with the crap that comes from simply not being a normal human being, or human at all for that matter.
  • Alhur: Centuries ago, the three Great Kingdoms of Sorayeth waged war on one another, vying for the total and indisputable control over their continent. Their greatest weapons were the Alhur, men turned demigods, infused with the power of each nation’s Three Goddesses. These powerful beings leveled cities and razed forest as they clashed with one another, but for some unknown reason, the three Alhurai were put to sleep, sealed in tombs. The Great Kingdoms fell and now Sorayeth is a wild place, where nature dominates over man, and every day is a fight for survival. In this new age the Alhur have awakened, not by the hands of Kings but by the destitute and the desperate, placing their hopes on these ancient champions.
  • Star Wars: The Star Wars universe is vast, and though there are many stories and books and games and other material expanding it, it wouldn’t hurt to add my own spin to it, now would it? The Journals you’ll find here are from an alternate future where the Empire never fully formed and the Republic still exists as it was, except it is now under Jedi Control. It’s a “What If?” future if things hadn’t gone according to Episode III


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