Extra Life 2015

This year I’m joining millions of others for Extra Life as part of the amazing . We’ll be raising money for , an organisation that helps not only in the treatment of of children but also in the research of new treatments for scary stuff like cancer.

I’ve set my Donation Goal to $500 but it’s my sincere hope that with your help we’ll not only reach it but go well beyond it. If you’d like to donate, you can head off to my Fundraising Page and click on the Support Me Button. Or you can just click on the image below and go there instantly!

ExtraLifeKevinFor every $5 you donate, you get one entry into the raffles we’ll have during the stream. Note that this is cumulative, so make sure you tell me your name and email in the donation message so I can give you the number of entries I owe you…and get in touch with you to personally thank you and send you awesome stuff if you win a raffle prize.

If you do win something, your entry total will be reduced by one (for every win).

Main Prizes

All raffles winners will be selected on Monday 9th, to give everyone as many chances as possible to win the games they want. Here are the games and bundles you can win with your donations. Remember you get one entry for every $5 donated:

Donation Goal Prizes

I would like to thank Phoenix Online Publishing, Versus Evil and Blue Microphones for contributing these amazing bundles to the prize list. Below you’ll find the list of all the amazing games in these packs. Blue agreed to deliver a brand new Yeti microphone to the winner of the final raffle!

Donation Goal Prize
$125 (Unlocked)
Tomb Raider Collection
$250 Versus Evil Bundle
$375 Phoenix Online Publishing Bundle
$500 Blue Yeti

Phoenix Online Publishing Bundle includes some amazing adventure games, some of which I’ve reviewed in the past. From Moebius and Erica Reed to the amazing Gabriel Knight. Do note that while mobile versions are available for these products, the items in this bundle are only for PC, Mac or Linux.

Versu Evil Bundle has some wonderful indie games from a variety of genres and from developers from around the world. From the Ico-inspired and Brazillian developed Toren to the Irish board-game dungeon crawler & TCG Guild of Dungeoneering! And of course, the award-winning Banner Saga is there somewhere!

Once again I’d like to thank Phoenix Online Publishing, Versus Evil and Blue for accepting to contribute these amazing bundles and a kickass microphone to our raffle prizes!

Extra Prizes

Anyone who donates gets an equal chance at these prize, not matter how much you donate. This is the current list of prizes

  • Guild of Dungeoneering: We have 5 Steam codes up for grabs.
  • The Living Dungeon: 5 Steam codes for brave adventurers.
  • Zombie Vikings: There one PS4 code for the European version and another for the American.
  • Auto-Ducking in Real Time: The audio-ducking software I use for broadcasting. There are 4 keys going out!

Team Tomb Raider Community Raffle

The amazing team of people I joined for Extra Life have their own raffle, with amazing Tomb Raider related prizes and even an XBOX One with a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Anyone can register but if you’ve donated, you get extra entries! Go here for more information

I hope you’ll join me in helping The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

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  1. I’ll be in SF and Vegas during most of this (specifically Vegas), but I’ll hopefully be alive enough to watch you run ME2 on Monday when I get home. Renegade all the way! Donated just there, e-mail me closer to the time so I can share on the socials.

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