Book 1 – Bad Blood

Fixers are respected and feared on Makai. They keep the peace in an island of dangerous witches, monsters and demons, and no one dares cross them. So when the King desperately knocks on Fixer Margot Vance’s door to hire her to find missing people, she has no choice but to accept. After all, the missing are the other Fixers of the island and the King’s right hand man and the most dangerous being in existence, the man they once called The Illusionist. If she’s to succeed, she’ll have to figure out the link between them and the secret of the island’s bad blood.

Bad Blood is being written without an outline or editing, as a creative exercise.

Chapter I – His Royal Badness

Chapter II – Appraise the Lord

Chapter III – Tale as Old as Time

Chapter IV – Dead and Buried

Chapter V – Homecoming

Chapter VI – The Leftovers

Chapter VII – Where the Wild Things Live

Chapter VIII – Six Feet Down the Rabbit Hole

Chapter IX – Old Friends, New Enemies

Chapter X – The Bad Blood

Chapter XI – The Man with the Golden Eyes

Chapter XII – Super Friends

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