A Visual Matter

As of 6am today, all of Venezuela, my country, is “celebrating” its Presidential Elections…just wanted to say that. And now for something completely different!

Games, specifically, Video Games.

Being a visual media, we have to accept that Visuals, the graphics are important, the question is, just how much? I think that like with many things, it depends on the case and the gamer. Some don’t even touch a game without a certain level of graphics, which more often than not means a certain level of detail and gloss in a photorealist visual style (define photorealism as realistic).

I think the best approach for this is to have a pro-con discussion, but since this is my blog, I’ll be arguing with myself, and no, I’m not crazy…not yet anyway. I’ll try to look at both sides of the argument and let you decide for yourself which one is stronger. Continue reading A Visual Matter

Genres & Gems

Second on these gaming posts.

This one’s all about genres.

No, I’m not gonna define the genres, you can check Wikipedia for those, but I am gonna talk about my favorites and mention a few games in each, little gems you might not know about.

Let’s kick it off with RPGS, my favorite. Continue reading Genres & Gems

The nature of a Classic

This week I’ve been pondering the question: What makes a game “a classic”? Classics are, by definition, those that best represent their genre, style, etc. But how is it that of two games one is a classic and the other isn’t? When both do the same things? You could say the one that releases first is the classic, but that’s not always the case. One common trait I’ve noticed in “classics” is they’re all rage-throw-controller-ulcer-producing. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you three games, all considered classics and all are so frustratingly hard or annoying or confusing they make you want to torch the maker’s home:

Politics – Back in the day…

I will say this only once. I HATE POLITICS.

It didn’t used to be like that. Once upon a time, politics, politicians, governments and such didn’t even cross my mind, the only time it did was when there was an election coming.

Now, politics are part of our everyday lives, and we listen to politicians argue and bicker at least once a day, over topics that range from the uninteresting to the absurd. Sure, it’s not unique to my country, but it is annoying.

I wish things were back to those days, where politics were a thing you thought off every four to five years. Continue reading Politics – Back in the day…

Relationship BS

This won’t be a popular topic, and won’t endear me to some people, but the truth (or at least my truth) must be said.

This is about relationships, most specifically, about the protocols and hurdles we all put in front of us to make something as simple as Person A + Person B incredibly complicated. By “WE”, I mean the entire fucking world. Be it Venezuela, USA or any other country, we all do this.

While there are many bullshit situations we face, I’ll break it down to a few common ones, and with which I’ve had experience, directly or indirectly. Continue reading Relationship BS

First Impressions

I’ve had this post in my head for a while now, ever since a friend of mine told me, a few weeks ago, that I should change the way I act, how I talk, basically WHO I AM, because, according to him “I make a terrible first impression and those who don’t know me think I’m a dick”…

You know what I say to that? “Fine, let them”

I’d rather be happy with who I am and even if people dislike me for it than act differently just to earn their affections, just to fit in.

What people think about you shouldn’t matter more than what you think about yourself. Having people love you is less important than loving yourself. Continue reading First Impressions

Geographical Identity…

This week I saw a YouTube video called “Caracas, Ciudad de Despedidas” (Caracas, City of Farewells), and was fascinated, not by the video, since it was a 17 minute documentary with 12 minutes of pointless transition shots and music; but by the general response. Insults, dislikes, criticism and bile flew out with force and frequency, people wouldn’t let it die…it even started a meme, which I didn’t care for because I hate memes. But wading through the aforementioned bile and vitriol, I started seeing patterns in the replies and opinions, and it made me think about cultural and national identity, patriotism and pride, and the extremes in them… Continue reading Geographical Identity…

The Past

This post is not what I promised, not another diary, not another story; instead it’s another rant, another stroke of conscience or insight.


Have you ever regretted anything? Not kissing that girl when you should have or not punching that idiot’s face in? I’ve regretted a few of those, more times than I can count, and every time I do it I promise myself “Never again”, but it’s not that I won’t waste an opportunity again, but instead vowing to never again regret my choices. I try to live myself with that simple mantra “no regrets”, but I can tell you, it’s harder than it sounds.

Why do we regret? Why do we think back and try to find fault in our decisions? I’ll tell you, it’s because we constantly ask ourselves the worst question in the world “WHAT IF?”, a question that should only be left to fiction.

We all use that question and we all regret our past actions when we are at our lowest, when things seem like they can’t be worse and we desperately cling to the fantasy of “what if”, always building up wondrous scenarios, where everything was just right and we’re happy. We never seem to consider scenarios where things went to hell in a handbasket and we ended up in the same, or a worse, spot than we are now. We like to think of the “what if” as a means to cling to hope, building a dream and draw strength from it. I’ve done it, and so, without any remorse I can offer you the best advice in the whole damn world: DON’T DO IT. It’s better to find hope and strength and courage in things and people around us, even if everything’s beyond crappy, and even if it’s only schadenfreude (GOOGLE IT).

Why? For a simple reason. You keep asking yourself “what if” and you’ll start depending on it too much, every time building it up more and more until you convince yourself you can make that dream a reality, that the ship hasn’t sailed, that you can conjure up that perfect moment once again and this time not screw it up.

You might be wondering where the problem lies. Isn’t seeking your dreams the way to go? Yes, and no. Going after your dreams is commendable, but going after the “what if” is not, because you’re not going after the girl, or the job, or the idiot to punch because of who/what they are, or what they can offer or have done, but instead of what you think they are, what you remember. Take it from me, I’ve done it, I’ve gone after a girl I missed in my life, building incredible “what if”s, only to realize after some time that I didn’t want her, I didn’t need her; I wanted and needed the person she was, who I remembered, the girl around whom I built my glass house. It toook a lot of time, and even more heartache to get there, to acquire that sliver of wisdow, which I share with you to help you from falling down the same holes and smacking yourself against the same walls as I did.

But even after all of this, even saying DON’T DO IT earlier, I can’t tell anyone not to try and reclaim a missed opportunity, you will do it regardless. What I can tell you, and I expect you to take this to heart, is to think hard and slow if what you want is the real thing or you’re just hoping reality matches up to your desire. Don’t go and kiss the girl because she wanted you to years ago, don’t hit the idiot because of what he said long ago; instead figure out if they deserve it, if who they are now can make you happy, either kissing or beating (and I’m sincerely hoping you kiss the crush and beat the idiot, not the other way around).

If you don’t, if you go and try to reclaim a moment chasing phantoms, you’ll only have more regrets to add to the pile, and trust me, it’ll bring you back to the same spot, doing the same stupid stuff over and over again, in a very crappy vicious circle…I’ve managed to crawl out of that pit and start looking ahead instead of back, and if I can do it, anyone can, so don’t go and take my spot in that hole; leave the festering pit of regret and longing alone.

To keep it simple, be smart, don’t be a wuss and most importantly, don’t be a dick.

Thank you for your time.

First post ever…

First of all, forgive the state of the place, still tweaking the design and am waiting for a nice drawing to use as banner (don’t really like having the name on it’s own, rather have a doodle).

This blog represents both an amazing opportunity for myself and an terrible defeat. On one side, I’ll be able to post my random thoughts for people to read, as well as some pieces of fiction; on the other, this blog means I’ve crumbled to peer pressure. I’ve spent quite a few years of my life just flat out refusing to blog. Of course, there’s a reason for it, every blog I’d seen in the past were the “Dear Diary” blog type, where the owner just wrote about his or her day, how many bananas they’d eaten that day and who’d been a bitch/bastard/sweetie/lover to them…not my kinda thing (pretty much the same reason I loathe Twitter, but that’s for another day); but lately, I’ve been reading a friend’s blog, and it’s different, it’s intelligent, eloquent (though quite rant-y and he complains way to much), so my opinion and belief has been progressively changing. For that, I just have to say, I HATE YOU, YOU BASTARD! Thanks to you, I don’t have an excuse anymore…

Taking that into consideration, you will never see a “dear diary” post in this blog, and if it does happen, it’ll be a sign of the coming end of the world. What you will see are my opinions on controversial topics (and fair warning, I’m not politically correct, not by a longshot), my thoughts on things that interest me (a wide range of very geeky stuff) and whatever story/characters/worlds I come up with…

By now, reading that introduction/rant, you should have a pretty nice idea on why I named this blog The Attic, but if you’re not sure or are just plain dumb, I’ll spell it out. An attic is the space between the roof of a house (mostly on pitched roofs) and the ceiling, commonly used as a storage space. If you see the blog’s URL, you’ll see a very pretty word, “mental“, meaning, well, MIND. The mental attic is the place in my head where I store every single crap that goes through my it at any given time, be it an idea on how to beat the last boss in a video game or an epic story to write down during the weekend…Sadly, the place is getting kinda crowded, so I need to start clearing it, and this blog is the dumpster…Sure, not the nicest description for the place, but it’s the truth; it’s the place where I’ll dump whatever it is that I need to get out of my head…

There aren’t really any rules concerning comments, write whatever the hell you want, even if you’re just writing “Fuck you, Kevin” (which, believe it or not, I hear quite frequently); I just expect you not to “troll” (god I hate internet slang…and memes, but again, not a topic for today). If you want to wish upon me an aztec curse, have the decency to explain why, put your thoughts down in a (semi) intelligent way…besides, if you are cursing me, the dark god of your choice will want a legitimate reason, so being eloquent here kills two birds with one nuke. 

I think that’ll be enough as an introduction (and to scare away any potential reader), so for now, see ya…

Kevin Kutlesa

P.S: I hate you Victor…