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Gamer Memory

Gamer Memory is a term that popped into my head the other day and it’s a combination of muscle memory and instant recall we gamers seem to have. Let me […]

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Deadpool Review

The Good The 4th wall breaking moments are fantastic The hallucinations. The inner voices. The pop culture references. Mocks itself and its own genre. Stays true to its apparent lack […]

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Happy birthday to me! 30 years of having fun, dealing with crazy shit, and messing people’s minds!! Here’s to me and 170 years more of doing the same (hoping in […]

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Okay, maybe that title’s a bit dramatic… But I need help with something. Originally, this blog had the Piano Black theme, but it was waaay too dull for my tastes, so I changed it to the current one. But now, it’s time for another change, so I’m asking all of you dear readers to help me find a really cool […]