This is How we Role – Episode 11b – Fragments

Ando finished his downtime session and now it’s time for Venadikt, the Dwarven Cleric of Astreina to pursue his own objectives.

This session allowed me to explore a campaign setting specific concept, that of Fragments, which along with Mantles are investitures of power, but while Mantles are great but localised powers granted on individuals, often leaders or rulers, Fragment users are born like that, though it’s rare to see one. But, best leave the explanations for what Venadikt found.

I’m glad to say that this week we are returning for a full session, either Saturday or Sunday at 6pm GMT. All new players have had their session 0 and are placed in the correct location to meet Ando and Venadikt. This story we’re starting this week is also a bit different, as it’s based on an adventure I’m writing with the intent to publish at a later date, so we’ll see how it goes!

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