Time for another episode of the D&D campaign set in my wonderful little world of Telia–campaign guide coming in the future on DMs Guild. It’s episode 7, Selective Honesty, a name I picked because I had a good idea of where the episode was going and was pleasantly surprised to find I had nailed it. By the way, the name is a play on Selective Memory.

So, because we ended episode 6 after an incredibly long session, I took the party back to that return from Titanroot Woods and the last night in Woodwork, to give them the chance to hash out some of the things they’d seen and heard during the battles and other experiences of the night, including the sightings of their hooded travelling companion Irm around various points in the city while the party desperately fought for their lives. They managed to catch him in his lies and force his hand, revealing something of a big bad character.

Now, here’s the thing. Ormu’s player graciously pointed out they didn’t expect the DM to throw them a massively dangerous foe like that, but if you all remember, Irm was the first person they met on the road back from the Vault and Ando had a chance to identify him, and he failed. Had he succeeded, they would have fought Irmiewish right then. It was their decision to confront this guy right after returning from the forest. I always tell my players they can do whatever they like, but actions have consequences and it was their choice to underestimate the danger Irm posed. It’s the same as players in games ignoring NPCs warning them of danger and then facing a deadly scenario. Players tend to assume it’s pure narrative flair, but sometimes, a warning is warning for a reason.

Fortunately for them, they were in a very secure location with allies all around.

I had some other things planned for this episode, but decided to hold off on them because I didn’t want to take the focus from the character interactions, their roleplay, especially the moment the usually quiet Venadikt exploded on poor Captain Mareek.

That’s it for the behind the scenes, enjoy episode 7 – Selective Honesty.


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