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This is How we Role – D&D 5e – Telia Episode 3

Third season (and technically 2nd video) of the new D&D campaign. We pick up where we left off, with the party hot on the trail of a missing archaeologist, but their trip is about to get more complicated when things from Alexander’s past come to visit and a strange new creature stalks them on their trail.

This session I made the tiny, teeny mistake of forgetting my headphones and didn’t consider how much the mic would pick up from the speakers. It won’t happen again!

The session kicked off with a nice trip towards Starfall Bay, the port city serving the regions of Almun. The journey is treacherous, taking them through Weatherlight Plains, a place where gravity doesn’t work properly. During this journey they fought a Bulette that had stalked them from the floating rocks common to the plains, and it nearly took two of their group down if not for the rings gifted to them by the bombastic magic item merchant Massimo.

After a quick stop in Starfall Bay, where they picked up a new companion,Kardash Gleamscale–and haven’t noticed that the old one, Rynar, isn’t there–they continued their way north towards the Vault and hopefully their missing archaeologist, but even that trip has certain complications!

Here’s the video, enjoy!

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