Preview – Lamplight City

The last Grundislav Games titles I played were Shardlight and A Golden Wake and I absolutely loved them. Now I’ve received a nifty preview key for their upcoming title, Lamplight City, and you bet I had to take a look. And to make it more interesting, I’ve done my preview in video form!

Lamplight City is a point & click adventure game that puts you in the role of an investigator in the city of New Bretagne. The game opens with a lengthy prologue that teaches you the basics of the game without holding your hand. Lamplight City knows it’s a point & click adventure game and merely points out the specifics you need to be aware of.

So far I’m impressed with the writing and the challenge. Puzzles and cases work logically and there is not a single instance of “using everything with everything.” In fact, though there are items and inventory puzzles, you don’t have an inventory and the items are used contextually and with minor forms of motion control. It’s really fascinating stuff.

But I’ll just let you see the preview, enjoy!

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