Nightmare Creatures – Episode 1 – Victorian Biohazard

I’ve been talking about this for ages, so now it’s time to put up or shut up and trust me, by the end of this video you’ll be very aware I can’t seem to shut up!

Below you’ll find the first episode, very cleverly named Victorian Biohazard. For this episode and series in general I’ve tried to do something different. Where before I’ve only commented on what was happening in the game, narrating things as they happen, this time I decided to pick certain topics and ramble on about them. Sometimes they relate to the game (and I do make some playthrough-related comments) but mostly I’m just talking about something that interests me!

One thing I’m happy with is that it was worth taking the time off to get the proper audio setup. The recording is much cleaner now, little to no ambient noise and even at the worst of my rambling, the audio is still clear. It’s not perfect, not until I can have a room properly set up for recording, but it’s the best I can do right now, and I dig it. Also, cuts back so much time from the editing process, as I don’t have to spend hours going over the recording to remove noise. Now my interface and gate let me set thresholds of noise so the mic doesn’t pick up anything “extra.”

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