Question of the Month – Cross Over Madness

It’s been a while since I’ve answered one of these, but considering that last month it was my question that was featured on Later Levels’ monthly gaming Q&A and the fact the question is pretty damn interesting, I decided to give it a shot.

The question posed by Hunstrasse, is simple: what is the best gaming crossover? I thought about this one for a microsecond and immediately knew what my answer would be. Sadly, someone else took that answer for this question, so let’s go with my 2nd pick.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Yes, Super Smash Bros, the game that combines every property in the vast Nintendo library and even brings in a few outsiders for a goodhearted bit of extreme violence. Every game brings in more characters and different mechanics, all to make the fights feel more hectic and fast-paced. These are the games where Link can fight his Toon version and Yoshi, then get blasted to bits because Mario’s dino-partner breaks a psychedelic floating ball, goes on a power trip and starts spitting out fireballs. It’s ridiculous, it’s silly and it’s impossible not to play Super Smash Bros without ending up grinning, no matter how many times you lost.

But why am I choosing Brawl in particular? The reason is simple. While other titles have more characters, tighter controls and even more amusing mechanics, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the first and only one to attempt to weave a coherent story that connects all the characters and gives them dramatic stakes. The Subspace Emissary sees an outside force invade the Trophy World where all the characters exist and battle. Does the work? Not entirely, but the attempt is pretty hilarious and fun to watj, characters come in at seemingly random times, not all the villains join the story baddies and even features Sonic coming in and saving the day in the end. Also, have I mentioned just how awesome the boss fights are in this, pulled from across Nintendo’s games, anything from a giant Piranha plant to a Pokemon!

And if that wasn’t enough, the opening sequence and theme for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is AMAZING!!

So that’s it, my answer, let’s see if Hundstrasse agrees!

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13 thoughts on “Question of the Month – Cross Over Madness”

  1. Excellent choice! Apologies again for stealing your first choice 😛 I love Smash bros even though I am absolutely terrible at it! I haven’t played brawl, but was really upset the wii u didn’t have a proper story like that.

  2. I’ve never understood quite how Smash Bros. works.. although I’ve never played it much outside being thrust a controller and told to “Go!”… despite that it is a great answer with the potential to finally settle some hypothetical gaming matchups!

    1. Smash alters the fighting game paradigm, instead of 2 fighters it’s a bunch of them. And most importantly there is no traditional health. You can’t win on damage alone. You need to kick opponents off the stage. High damage only makes it easier

  3. It’s funny to see that most of the game genre people instantly think of when talking about a crossover always will be a fighting game. Yet, I believe it’s also here one can go into detail as to why they love the game they’ve chosen.
    This leads me to your article mate and I agree with your choice of Super Smash Bros. it’s just a great franchise with many a characters we as gamers know and love that then can “smash” each other to our enjoyment.

    A solid pick for the Question the Month, looking forward to seeing how this compare against the other competitors, as well as a great read this article you’ve put together. Who might I ask is your favorite character to play as in the game?
    Stay Cozy!

    1. To be fair, my first pick, which someone took alrteady, was for a tactical RPG. Project X Zone 2. But I do think Brawl is a solid choice. I rushed to have the article out so no one would take it from me hahaha

      1. Haha, I can completely understand. Right now I’m assessing what the others are choosing before going with my pick in order not to do the exact type of game. Who knows how this will go, but I still think yours is a good choice 🙂

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