Ultimate BeastMaster – Gaming Edition – Week 3 Challengers!

On Monday we had second week of gaming contestants make their way through the perilous and demanding course that is The Beast, using all their skills to accrue as many points as they could. Twelve competitors became eight, then five and then the remaining and best two, Kirby and the new rebooted Lara Croft, met face to face for Level 4, with Lara’s climbing skills nabbing her the title of Beastmaster, earning 10.000 of whatever currency they use in the next country she explores.

Lara Croft
Not only did she rise, she beat everyone else!

But as this week closes and another looms, new challengers emerge from the shadows of the gaming industry and the internet, ready to face the Beast and join Mega Man X and Lara Croft in the grand final for the title of Ultimate Beastmaster!

Nathan’s back with even more characters facing the beast, with Drakulus committing a larger contingent this time around. Timlah joins the fray with his own set and Robert has a couple of strong characters. For the sake of balance, and considering my character won last week, I’m not sponsoring any videogame participant this week. Let the best gaming character win the title of Beastmaster and come one step closer to beating all others in the finals, for the glory of the Ultimate Beastmaster.

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