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It’s been a while since I’ve built or played anything on camera and there are several reasons for it, one of them being some changes that I’m making in my life that are an ongoing process and often leave me without enough time to broadcast or simply too exhausted to do so, but I’ll go over those some other day.

But another reason for the lack of broadcasting or even recording builds is the wait for certain models to arrive and a hell of a lot of paints. One of the issues I have with Gunpla as a hobby is that paints come in minuscule bottles of 10ml, meaning that if I want to fill a large side-feed bottle for my airbrush, to have enough paint for a complete large model, it’s going to take at least 3 or 4 of these tiny paint products to do so. It’s slightly infuriating and I wish larger versions were more readily available (and I’ve seen, at least on GundamInfo videos on YouTube, Meijin Kawaguchi use larger bottles) from most shops but I’ve been unable to find any.

But once I’ve acquired everything I need these will be the projects I’ll be focusing on, either privately or on camera:

Gelgoog Commander Type: Char’s Counterattack version

Now, there’s no real Char’s Counterattack version of the Gelgoog, but that’s the name I have for this colour scheme, which takes the dull red and salmon parts of the Gelgoog Commander Type Master Grade and replaces them with the colour scheme closer to what Char uses in the film, that being a vibrant red, black and gold, though I’ll admit the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Sinanju has a bit of influence on the colour scheme as well.

This model was one I had already built, but I made a critical mistake. I had decided I would paint the inner frame by hand, but I decided on this after it was already built and I didn’t use primer on it, instead painting it steel colour with a brush. Maybe it was the pain saturation or just the lack of the primer but the plastic of the inner frame degraded considerably, to the point that every joint and sensitive part collapsed or snapped in my hands.

Original colours, which I really hate

But I’m not one to let that mistake stop me so I’ve come up with a new plan. The current model I’ll keep the inner frame for and apply to it the outer layer, the plates, of a replacement Gelgoog Commander kit. I will then carefully prime and paint the inner frame of this replacement kit and use the plates with the custom colour scheme on it (I’ve also acquired a 3rd Gelgoog kit as a backup in case the inner frame snaps again, to just use it out of the box, no paint added). Then I’ll build my first ever diorama, with the idea of the Char’s Counterattack Gelgoog standing over the broken down original Gelgoog, as if it had just defeated its inferior counterpart.

If this idea pans out without issue, I might use the 3rd Gelgoog kit to scratch build (using polystyrene sheets) some transparent Gelgoog plates. I have this mental image of a stealth Gelgoog unit, and the idea is for the mech to be half-transparent, to make it as if it were going into camouflage mode. I’d be using clear paints on the transparent parts to give them colour but not obscure them, though this will require some experimentation.

V1 of the new colour scheme. Joints have gold colour, and the red is more vibrant. This version doesn’t have panel lines and I need to add a few custom ones for greater contrast

Epyon Tiamat

Yes, you know I’m a D&D Geek, and I’ve been thinking of ways to marry my fandoms together and the Epyon gave me just the way.

In D&D Tiamat is the evil goddess and mother of the Chromatic dragons. She’s a fearsome five-headed monstrosity with one head for the chromatic species on a red dragon’s body.

Epýon only has two heads, so what I will do is incorporate all the colours of the chromatic dragons into the pain scheme. One foot will be a mix of red for the lower jaw and blue for the upper and green for the other. There will be white elements in the joints, black and red wings and I’ll keep the original deep crimson colour of the kit as I think it fits really well. This paint-scheme isn’t final, as I need to go over the spec black & white sheet and paint on it to see how it would look. I’m trying to go for something cool or at least pleasing without it become gaudy.

This is how I’m working out the colour scheme

Amazing Red Warrior Megasize

Now this one will be slightly complicated. I built a Megasize RX-78-2 Gundam on stream and I’ve bought the Master Grade Amazing Red Warrior kit. My idea is to first build the Amazing Red Warrior and use that as a model as I both scratch-build parts and integrate others from the Master Grade RX-78-2 kit I have to convert my existing Mega Size original Gundam into this Gundam Build Fighters original. It’s going to need many changes and adjustments. I’ve yet do decide if for some of the changes needed I’ll go for replicating look only or if I’ll make them functional. One example of this is the feet, where Amazing Red Warrior’s joints are much more complex than the RX-78-2. Do I upgrade them, which is complex, or just make it look like they are?

Still undecided.

Deathscythe Hell Gargoyle

So this is an old project that got nowhere. I’ve mentioned it in the past how much I despise the Deathscythe Hell Endless Waltz Master Grade kit. It’s infuriatingly wobbly and I feel it’s one of the shoddier Gunpla kits out there.

I had originally decided to give it a spin and make some adjustments to turn it into something I could like and I even started to do some work, but as time’s gone by and without the proper storage at the time, I’ve lost a few pieces here and there, so now completing this build is impossible. I’ll also admit that my idea for the wings was half-baked at best.

Deathscythe Hell Gunpla
I really need to build a “photo booth” for my kits!

So the new plan is to rebuild the Deathscythe Hell with a replacement kit and build the Wing Gundam Zero Custom kit and use the latter’s wings as a model to scratch-build new wings for the Deathscythe or at least mix the originals with some custom built parts to not only make them work a bit better, but also make the overall kit a bit more stable, which is why beyond the wings, I will be making a few changes across the model to make it as sturdy as I want it to be.

As for the colour scheme, the plan remains the same, to go for a grey-ish scale inspired by the Gargoyles TV series.

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