Extra Life 2017 – It’s a wrap…ish!

Hello everybody.

So, on Saturday with my good friends we ran a trio of RPG adventures for Extra Life, had tons of laughs as it tends to happen when geeks get around the table to kill monsters with dice, and we managed to raise some money for charity.

We raised $155 for McMaster’s Children’s Hospital! It’s short of the $500 goal, but no matter, every penny helps.

With these donations one of the giveaways has been unlocked, the Limited Edition 7th Sea Core Rulebook, which will be sent to a lucky person at the end of the month when I close down donations. There is still time to donate and spread the word, perhaps help unlock more amazing prizes and get yourself in the sorting.

In the meantime, enjoy our games!

We kicked things off with D&D set in my custom world of Telia, with an incursion of Onyx Knights into the magical necropolis of Headmaster’s Rest! Had to water down or skip a few details to make it easier but it was a lot of fun to play in my own world.

Once that game ended we switched to 7th Sea 2nd edition, where Katie took us through the opening sections of the Caliberi Letters adventure. Again, lots of fun and I used the best strategy in combat, I removed my opponent’s trousers!

To close off the night and cement my exhaustion on Sunday, we played Starfinder from midnight GMT. This was a lot of fun, and in the end, we discovered it was a goblin NPC which was the true star of the show!

And that’s it!

Donation will remain open until the end of the month as I said, and you can go here to donate!

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