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Hello everybody. We’re coming close to Extra Life now, only a handful of days until Saturday and our RPG games. As always, you can go here to give for the cause.

Last time we had the schedule and a reminder on the prizes, but today I’d like to talk to you about some of the fun stuff you can make happen in the different adventures with your donations. Yes, you can influence what’s happening with your donations, you just have to tell us what you’d like to see happen.

If an incentive is marked with “Cumulative,” it means that each option competes with the others, so only the one that has the raised the most will happen.:

Here are the options per game, on a $5 per option.

7th Sea:

  • Grant a player a Hero Point
    • Hero Points grant players bonus dice when spent, but are also spent to activate special abilities and save them from certain death.
  • Grant the DM a Danger Point
    • Danger Points are the DM version of a Hero Point, you can call them Villain Points if you like.

Dungeons & Dragons:

  • Give a player or the DM advantage on a roll.
    • Advantage means the player rolls twice and takes the highest result.
  • Decide the end encounter (aka final boss) difficulty (Cumulative):
    • Easy: “Rise my Minion”
    • Medium: “From oblivion I stab at thee”
    • Hard: “A Dirty Pile of Secrets”
  • Grant a player or DM a re-roll.


  • Grant a player or DM a re-roll.
  • Grant a player a Resolve Point.
    • Resolve points activate special abilities.
    • If a character is dying, spending resolve points can stabilise them.
    • A stabilised but unconscious character can spend resolve points to come back into the fight.
    • By spending a resolve point and resting for 10 (in-game) minutes, the character can heal up to their maximum Stamina Points.
  • Decide End Encounter Difficulty (Cumulative):
    • Easy: Storm Troopers.
    • Medium: Mercenaries.
    • Hard: Space Batman.

And that’s it, remember you can start donating now and get some of these under way, especially the end encounter ones! You can go here to donate.

See you all soon!

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