Hollow Knight

Let’s Play Hollow Knight – Episode 2

So there we have it, Pilot Season is over, the polls are closed, the votes tallied and out from the shadows comes the brand new, reigning, defending, undisputed Let’s Play Champion, Hollow Knight! This is the game I’ll be playing for the foreseeable future, doing my best not to record episodes while I’m sleep deprived…starting from episode 3. 

What can I say, I’ve been busy and so the only chance I get to actually play the game and record footage is the time I would normally use to close my eyes and have my much needed beauty sleep.

But since it’s been a while from the day I released the first episode of this let’s play series, here’s Hollow Knight episode 1:

And now without further ado, your brand new, reigning, defending, undisputed champion, Hollow Knight in its second episode, where we finally get to killing some bosses!

I hope you enjoy the episodes! If you like what you saw, please consider subscribing to The Mental Attic’s YouTube channel and following The Lawful Geek on Twitch. It’s Friday, so tonight it’s going to be a Gunpla modelling stream starting from 20 hours BST.

On a last note, on closing the polls, the N° 1 contender position goes to Ori and the Blind Forest, which as of right now is the game I will Let’s Play as soon as I’m done with Hollow Knight, unless something much more entertaining comes our way in the next few months!

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