The Lawful Geek Stream – Best of August!

Last month, as I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I finally got back to broadcasting on Twitch on a schedule as well as to recording Let’s Plays. The pilot season is over now and we have a winner, but that’s not what today is about.

In August’s streams I made a fool of myself in Overwatch matches, with the occasional moment of glory. I fought Lovecraftian Metroidvania bosses in Sundered, explored ancient Indian ruins with a couple of badass ladies and even fought the chaotic Rabbids in the Mushroom Kingdom.

There was also a fair amount of Gunpla and other plastic models, but that’s a story for another day and another highlight reel. For today we’ll just focus on the gaming, of which there was plenty and it was always fun. But out of all the clips I’ve put together (some which had to be sped-up considering their length), my favourites are the “corner pocket” and taking Doomfist out with Genji & Orisa, the first one because as hectic as it really was, on video it seems almost elegant and effortless, like a dance, and the second because it’s yet another of those wonderful Doomfist denial moments, where you take him out before he can complete one of his combo moves.

Overwatch Season 6 has begun and I’m tempted to go through the placement matches on stream, partly because of my overall dislike for the competitive scene in Overwatch, due to the over-toxicity present even with Blizzard’s continued efforts to stop people from behind like bastards online, and partly because it involves using mic-chat and mostly people aren’t even remotely PG-13 about their language. Listening to abuse or some 13-year old swearing every other word is not my idea of fun. But then again, when everything lines up, the competitive mode can be extremely interesting. And I’ll be honest, queuing by myself is incredibly off-putting, but if I had a team or group of friends to queue up together, then I wouldn’t mind it as much.

Please enjoy this highlight video and don’t forget to follow on the YouTube channel and on Twitch, and see you tomorrow evening for the Tuesday stream!

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