Pilot Season – Last Week to Vote

A few weeks ago I once again recorded episodes for Let’s Play series for my YouTube channel, setting up pilots for you all to vote on. Hollow Knight, Ori & the Blind Forest, Dead Cells and Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. These are the games I’d like to run a Let’s Play for, but I will only go on with the one you choose.

The polls have been open for a while now and they will remain so until this Sunday, when I’ll pick the winner and push on with the second episode of a new series. As of writing, Hollow Knight is at the front with 60% of all votes, with Ori & the Blind Forest and Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom following behind with 20% each. It doesn’t seem like people enjoyed Dead Cells very much.

If you haven’t voted, here’s a recap of every pilot, along with the episode so you can check it out and make up your mind. Above all, I hope you enjoy them! You can find the poll at the bottom and on The Mental Attic’s front page!

Ori and the Blind Forest: My only regret with this first episode is how much of it I spent on the opening cutscene aka prologue. You can skip it of course but it’s such a beautiful game and the prologue is so important in setting up our hero and his motivations that I couldn’t leave it out. There was still enough time for me to show some of the fun platforming and exploration, even get my butt kicked. And if you’re new to Ori and the Blind Forest, my commentary will give you some insight into the mechanics of the game.

Hollow Knight: This one also has a starting cutscene but it’s on the short side and in my rambling about what it has in common with Dark Souls, particularly in the cryptic storytelling, I do manage to show some platforming tricks, particularly the pogo jumps you do by attacking environmental hazards.

Dead Cells: This one is pure gameplay from start to finish and in the opening episode I do my best to explain how it all works. And for a funny note, I had barely slept when I recorded this, so at some point in the recording you’ll notice I lose my train of thought a few times.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom: I showed this episode this week and thought it’s an RPG with a few cutscenes and conversations, the gameplay is unique and pretty fun and I hope you found the fighting-game-like combat system as interesting as I did. I won’t lie, as shaky as my experiences with RPG Let’s Plays have been, I would really enjoy a series with this game.


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