Gaming Q&A – August 2017 – What video game deserved a sequel but didn’t get one?

You know me, I’m always up for a good discussion, no matter if it’s games, films, TV series or even books and writing. So, when the crew of Later Levels approached me for a monthly gaming Q&A, hopefully to create some great debates around video games, it didn’t take much for me to see that it could be fun.

Every month, I’ll present you with the question and my answer. If you’d like to join, get in touch with Later Levels. The rules are simple, in fact there is only one to note: your answer must be in 100 words or fewer.

This month’s question is: What video game deserved a sequel but didn’t get one?

This question was another for which I had the answer almost immediately. There are many games out there I’ve played, fell in love with its story, characters, world or just the fun mechanics and wanted more. I wanted the sequel that lived up to my expectations. Sometimes I got a sequel that left me disappointed, others I got sequels that were really good, but more often than not I just sat here waiting for a sequel that never arrived.

Worse still are those situations where a series leaves me like that, where the last entry into the series doesn’t close the story, doesn’t solve anything and feels part of a greater whole, one that is never and will never be completed.

So, for this month, my answer is Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Here’s why:

Legacy of Kain defiance had its flaws but it did something important. It pushed the story of Kain and Raziel, answering important questions and amending the blunder that was Blood Omen 2 by carefully weaving its stranger story elements in a way that made sense. Most importantly, it set Kain on his true path and showed him his enemy. Then, nothing. Frustration with Eidos made Amy Hennig move to Naughty Dog and Uncharted and the series died.

Nosgoth reappeared as the setting for a team-based shooter, but we never got the resolution to the world’s story, The Legacy of Kain.

That’s it for my answer. What do you think? Which game do you think should have had a sequel?

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