Back to Overwatch – I love Quick Play!

It’s been a while but for a couple of weeks now I’ve returned to Overwatch, been playing and improving my skills every time. The last time I played was months ago and had to quit because the toxicity in the competitive mode got to me. I couldn’t tolerate the level of abuse teammates and opponents levelled upon each other for the most meaningless of reasons.

But I do love the game and I couldn’t stay away. I’m incredibly rusty though so before I even consider returning to the competitive mode, I’ve decided to just have matches on Quick Play to get into the swing of things.

And as I’ve been playing, you know what I’ve realised? I really like Quick Play, more than any other mode in the game to be honest. For one, people aren’t as vitriolic on this mode. Sure you do get your occasional crazy who takes the game as seriously as life itself, but in general it’s a much more laid back experiences, which I approve of. Second, in this mode people don’t care that much about the meta. I had way too many matches on competitive where people adhered to the meta like gospel, refusing to stray from it, raising abuse on those who wished to play whatever it is they wanted to play, even if they were really good at it.

On Quick Play, everyone chooses what makes sense to them, and the complete freedom in team composition leads to some amazing plays and crazy moments. I’ve laughed and whooped like a maniac playing on Quick Play, even if I’ve been losing, because I get the sense that we’re all playing for fun, for the kick of it. I’ve had my butt handed to me on a platter by a surprisingly strong combination of a Torbjorn & turret, Pharrah and Widowmaker on the defensive and covering each other, with a reserve Mei behind them to take care of whoever would come from behind. I don’t remember seeing a tank anywhere, but it didn’t matter, those three held the line incredibly well. But I’ve also torn through a triple tank composition, my companion Ana boosting my Reinhardt and allowing me to wipe the floor with the opposition.

I’ve fought as Genji, deflected ultimates and taken swan dives outside the stage. I’ve killed other Genjis in the middle of their Ultimates and then taken the fight to their companions.

I’m sure I could have all these experiences in the competitive mode, but I don’t think I would do so with the same glee as I do in Quick Play. Past experiences have already coloured my expectations of that mode, and they’re not very positive. I don’t like abuse, towards me or others, especially not for their performance in a game. It goes against my personal code of conduct, if you’ll allow me to sound a bit pretentious. I prefer playing for fun and joy, and Quick Play gives me that.

Also, there are no Custom Games in the competitive mode, and only there could I experience (in the PTR) a match of 8 Doomfists and 2 other characters. It was manic, it was crazy and I had so much fun! And yes, Doomfist is absolutely hilarious to play with.

Starting next week, one day of my stream days will be all about Overwatch, with the other days having different games and even some Gunpla builds. But Overwatch will be a weekly thing, I promise you that!

Have a nice weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Back to Overwatch – I love Quick Play!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ll head over to quickplay to hone the skills of a new hero I’m digging, and I’ll immediately think, “this is so much more fun and laid back than comp. Why don’t I do this ALL the time?”

    Same for Mystery Heroes in Arcade mode. It always makes me realize which heroes I’m missing out on by not using them, and the haphazardness of all 12 players having no say in who they choose evens the playing field a bit.

    1. Random heroes is fantastic, mostly because no one takes themselves serious there, everyone’s just doing the best they can with heroes they’re likely pretty crappy with haha

      And yeah, when Overwatch becomes this laidback, purely-for-enjoyment experience, the game shines, it’s such a great time.

      thanks for the comments and the follow 🙂

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