Doom 2 - Map 30 - Icon of Sin

Gaming Q&A – April 2017 – Best Easter Egg

You know me, I’m always up for a good discussion, no matter if it’s games, films, TV series or even books and writing. So, when the crew of Later Levels approached me for a monthly gaming Q&A, hopefully to create some great debates around video games, it didn’t take much for me to see that it could be fun.

Every month, I’ll present you with the question and my answer. If you’d like to join, get in touch with Later Levels. The rules are simple, in fact there is only one to note: your answer must be in 100 words or fewer.

This month’s question is:

What’s the best Video Game Easter Egg?

Doom 2: Icon of Sin - John Romero

This is my answer: Doom 2: The Icon of Sin

In the last level of Doom 2 you must fight the Icon of Sin, a monstrous being that spawns new enemies in increasing numbers. You must survive the onslaught and fire missiles at a tiny spot on its face to kill it…or you could put in the cheat code idclip, pass through the Icon’s texture and reach what lies behind its weak point: the severed head of Doom Co-Creator John Romero.

Better still, at the start of the level, the Icon speaks this backwards and pitch-altered: “To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero”

That’s it for my answer. What do you think? Did you love this Easter Egg as much as I did? Or did you find an even better one in another game? I’ll be honest, I had to think about this one carefully, and this one might be an oldie, but it’s definitely a good one!

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