Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV – Episode 10 – More Gimmicks!

Wow this Final Fantasy IV episode took some effort to record. My first attempt ended with a sudden power cut, leaving me in the dark for nearly five hours.

When the power returned, I recorded the episode, going for a bit longer than usual as I tried to end the episode with win over a boss, for once! But alas, the Dark Elf proved too strong for that to happen.

Then yesterday, as I sat to edit the audio and video for this Final Fantasy IV episode, the Adobe software started malfunctioning and wouldn’t preview any changes I made, complicating matters further. Thankfully things worked just fine after a nice reboot.

Needless to say, until the episode uploaded onto YouTube, I was extremely nervous, almost paranoid that something else would happen.

Bu things turned out just fine, so please, enjoy this new Final Fantasy IV episode and like, share and subscribe in your enjoy what you see!

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