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Bear With Me – Episode 2 Playthrough

Last week I published a preview of the second episode in the Toy Noir episodic point & click adventure game Bear With Me.

Along with that preview, I posted the first part of the Bear With Me Episode 2 playthrough I recorded while getting the article together, and this week I’m following up with the rest of the episodes, I hope you enjoy them.

Episode 2: The Dark Knight – We’re still at the docks, trying to make our way across the bridge to meet the CBG, one of Ted’s old friends and a very important contact. They say he’s lost his sanity, that working the beat and pounding the pavement took a toll on him, but he’s still someone worth talking to. But first we need to get his attention…I hear he has a thing against seagulls!

Episode 3: Dust Noir – The next person on the list is the Mayor of Paper City, Mayor Mills, the big hog in town. But before we can get to him, we need to check out his mill, which suffered through a delicate case of arson recently, the entire place now coated in a fine layer of Dust Noir.

Episode 4: Power Hog – The fire at the mill raises some questions, and no one better to answer them than its owner, the Mayor. Time to meet the hog with the black vacant eyes and see how he squeals.

Episode 5: Kingpin – We’ve met the Mayor and he is fishy. To get to the bottom of things and find the truth behind The Red Man, we’ll have to dive into dark waters and meet the master of the underworld, The King.

Episode 6: Here’s Looking at you, kid! – In this last episode, Ted must escape the confines of King’s casino to save Amber before King offers her up to the Red Man. But after that we need to get her out of Paper City, but she won’t come, so hard choices must be made.

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