Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV – Episode 8 – Shifty Eyes

And we’re back! In this episode of Final Fantasy IV, we get things ready, buy some items and other fun stuff and find the back door into Baron castle, intent on rescuing Rosa from Golbez and now-heel Kain. But things, as usual aren’t as easy as we thought, with former allies turning on us–again–and obvious villains coming out of their shells–pun intended, you’ll get it when you watch the episode!

It was good to record Final Fantasy IV again, though I had to edit out a good number of coughing fits. Turns out even if my voice is back, my throat is still way too sensitive for long comments, triggering some more coughing. But hopefully that won’t last much longer!

As always, enjoy and if you like what you saw and you want more Final Fantasy IV, check out The Mental Attic’s YouTube channel and maybe subscribe!

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