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Final Fantasy IV – Episode 7 – Going Glam!

Let’s kick off this week with a new episode of our Final Fantasy IV playthrough! Last time we had a bit of a shaky trip thanks to the inopportune Lord of the Seas. Leviathan, leaving us near Mysidia, a place Cecil hit in the opening cutscene in the game and where the populace are less that warm towards him, but after taking their crystal and cutting innocent Mysidians down, the Dark Knight is not about to complain.

The Mysidians, as you’d expect aren’t in a giving mood, but give Cecil a chance to rid himself of the dark blade at Mt. Ordeals, to become a paladin. And that’s what we’ll be doing this episode, first finishing the pressing business of Golbez’s archfiend, Scarmiglione! Then it’s time to ditch the Batman act and turn to Glam Rock as a Paladin, with flowing wavy hair and pure 80s goodness!

But I don’t think you want me to tell you what happens, not when you can just watch it, enjoy and if you like, please subscribe!

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