Final Fantasy IV – Episode 6 – Plot Mountain

Whoo boy was that an eventful Final Fantasy IV episode last week! Made it through the mountains, met a monk, killed bombs and their mothers and mounted a pathetic and futile defence against the Baron Red Wings in Fabul.

Kain turned heel on us and tried to kill Cecil, and we finally saw the big baddie Golbez take the stage, his sombre presence as awesome now as it was the first time I played the game. This isn’t a mocking, taunting Final Fantasy enemy, this is one that takes care of business, or at least sets one of his trusted generals to do it for him.

We didn’t win at Fabul, Golbez was too powerful and we lost Rosa again, this time taken by the new leader of Baron as hostage. So that’s the plan for today’s episode, to reach Baron and rescue Cecil’s fair maiden. But we all know how Final Fantasy IV operates, right? It’s not going to be that easy! We’ll have to prove ourselves worthy by climbing the slopes of Mount Spiritual Challenge, I mean Plot Mountain!

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