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Final Fantasy IV – Episode 5 – Fabul-ous!

Last time on Final Fantasy IV we explored the Antlion cave, fought the big monster in its lair and collected the Desert Pearl for Rosa, healing her and finally getting a proper healer for the party. But of course, it wasn’t that easy, not with the Antlion hitting like a freight train and me hitting it when set to counterattack.

But a bit of exploration, a new weapon and a save point later, the party had all they needed to take down the beastie!

On this episode I manage to do what I couldn’t on the last one, find Mt. Hobs. We finally enter the treacherous slopes, but there’s a catch, we need Rydia to cast Fire to break through a giant ice boulder, only she may be a bit traumatised about that time when Bombs burned her family and friends alive (as seen on the first Final Fantasy IV episode). But never mind that, if we need to further traumatise a little green-haired girl to save the world, then so be it.

I don’t think she minds. Just look into her vacant, dead eyes and you know she doesn’t really care!

Once through Mt. Hobs we have some surprising event waiting for us in the Monk capital of Fabul. And we witness the first of many Heel Turns from one of Cecil’s close friends.

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