Last week had a lot going on in the first Final Fantasy IV episode. Departed from Baron, blew up Mist, rescued the little girl summoner, Rydia and even made it to Kaipo, only to discover that Rosa had somehow made it there as well, in record time and with desert fever!

So that’s where we are in this episode, going through the Aqueduct towards Damcyan, to get the Sand Pearl, the only medicine in the world that can save Cecil’s beloved White Mage.

But this is Final Fantasy, it’s not going to be that easy, and just because I aced through the Mist Cave, it doesn’t mean I’ll do the same for the Aqueduct, especially considering how low Rydia’s level is. Not even meeting the Sage will help.

But you know what, here’s the latest Final Fantasy IV episode so you can see just what happened!

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