Gunpla – Freedom Gundam Build!

Last Friday, as promised I streamed the build of my latest Gunpla model on Twitch. It took over 6 hours to complete, though most of those were spent on fixing mistakes, particularly on the Railguns, which I kept putting together the wrong way around.

You see, the Freedom Gundam has two sets of multiple wings, two sets of cannons and two railguns and the wings are the only ones where you can clearly tell which are the left and right ones. For the other two, the weaponry, they’re identical pieces. The Railguns proved a challenge because their construction is the same save for a single piece, the trigger, which has to be installed on the reverse, so it flips out where the Gundam’s hands will be.

But it’s not just the trigger but the construction itself. The pieces need to go in a specific order so they can fold together and I kept messing it up, same as I messed up the arms and legs the first time around and then had to carefully fiddle with the pieces to take them apart without breaking them. The material is quite solid, but I’m a brute in the best of cases, so I had to work slowly.

While the build is complete, it doesn’t mean I’m finished with this or the other Gundam model, as I am still missing decals and glue. The glue is to not only keep the “plates” together but also to hide the seams, so they look like a single piece.

As for decals, they’re a combination of dry transfer decals, meaning your have to rub the material for it to transfer, and stickers. Thankfully, for this model I don’t have to deal with water transfer stickers, though I may have to in the future.

Below you’ll find a video I put together. It’s a super fast cut of the stream, showing you the crafting process for the Freedom Gundam model kit.

Once I finish with the decals, I’ll go into posing them and get some proper photos of the two Gundam, something that is lacking from the video! I’m probably going to do that this Friday on what promises to be another very long stream!

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