Tales of Zestiria – It’s a Wrap!

Tales of Zestira is finally done!

After 8 months, 110 episodes—and many more I either deleted accidentally or lost due to file corruption—and hours of footage, the game is finally done and I’m very proud of it. What started as a regular playthrough of a massively long game ended up being the first game I created custom thumbnails for and now at the end it’s the first of the LawfulGeek plays series to have extensive video editing done on them.

Tales of Zestiria
Finished it just in time, only had 10 more thumbnails prepared!

Overall, I enjoyed the game greatly, but of course, I had my issues with it. Characters repeat the same lines of exposition multiple times, explaining things that really didn’t need it, such as events that happen right in front of you. It’s a typical JRPG thing, but Tales of Zestiria takes it to a completely new level. But my greatest annoyance has to be the bosses summoning minions during the fights…I hate it.

But I won’t remember Tales of Zestiria for the bad, but for how much fun I had at its expense. I have mocked this title from the first moment I launched it. Tales of Zestiria wears its Arthurian references proudly but goes overboard in the naming scheme, and I couldn’t help but make fun of it while I played. The similarities with The Legend of Zelda didn’t escape me either, so I made fun of it for that as well.

It’s a really good game with some amazing concepts and a really cool ending. Make sure to go through the full credits with me. I love the credits for this game, the music is great and they show you stills of both the game’s story and the characters’ backstory.

As I mention in one of the videos, my next game to follow Tales of Zestiria is probably going to be a classic Final Fantasy. I like having a very long series to play, and it’s been a while since I’ve played some old Final Fantasy. And with Final Fantasy XV coming along later this year, why not take a look at the series’ high points! Still not sure which one I’ll pick, but I know it’s between Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy X. This last one is just because I want you to hear the most annoying fake laughter ever put into a videogame!

On a last note, it took me 110 episodes to realise that me shouting “Limit Break” into a microphone is perhaps one of the most annoying sounds known to man. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I listened to my recording a lot while preparing these last few videos, adjusting for reverb and such, and every time I said that phrase I grew more frustrated with it.

It’s why you won’t find any hint of it in these episodes. I muted those out and opted for the nice After Effects compositions I created for the Mystic Artes aka Limit Breaks. They’re visually cleaner and don’t sound as obnoxious!

As I always say at the end of the videos: I hope you had a good time.

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